The best way to engage the whole community in support of Webster youth is to personally invite friends and neighbors. Feel free to use the passage below in email messages to your friends. If that's not your cup of tea, see additional ideas below. Sample email message:

I’ve been working on some projects with WHEN:DFCC (Webster Health and Education Network: A Drug Free Community Coalition) that I think might offer the perfect opportunities to share your time and talents! WHEN:DFCC is a coalition of local families, businesses, and organizations working together to empower Webster kids to grow up strong and substance free. With community support, we’re helping kids achieve their full potential and avoid the obstacles that early drug and alcohol exposure present. Members and partners help shape our plans and collaborate on events and activities. You would be a great asset to our work and I think you would really enjoy this dynamic group of people.


Check out the website for more information, to sign up for the newsletter, or to join:

If not now, WHEN?

Webster Health and Education Network: A Drug Free Community Coalition

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