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The Webster Health and Education Network (WHEN) was established in 1995 and is a recognized leader in the advocacy and promotion of healthy, substance-free behaviors and lifestyles in the Webster community. WHEN has always worked closely with the Webster Central School District, town, and community resources to support drug education and awareness initiatives. 

In 2018, WHEN joined the Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America (CADCA) as a member coalition and became Webster Health and Education Network: A Drug Free Community Coalition (WHEN:DFCC). Our coalition was awarded a federal grant by The White House Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) in December of 2019. The $625,0000 grant, received over five years, will be used to involve and engage our community to empower Webster kids to grow up strong and substance free.  

WHEN:DFCC is comprised of over 60 members representing multiple sectors of our community including business owners, faith-based organizations, youth, civic/volunteer groups, media, law enforcement, health care providers, substance use prevention professionals, etc.  

Research suggests that the longer youth wait to use drugs and/or alcohol, the less likely it is that they will become addicted later in life. Therefore, our goal as a community coalition is to collaborate with our partners to delay, decrease, and prevent substance use among youth. WHEN:DFCC is thankful to have served the Webster community for the past 25 years and looks forward to impacting the lives of our young people for years to come.

Our Story
Meet the Team


WHEN is a non-profit network of Webster community members including businesses, parents, teachers, law enforcement, healthcare providers, and other key leaders and organizations linked through awareness, education and action. Meet our Coalition Board of Directors below:

Photo of Janine Sanger
Janine Sanger
Executive Director

Retired School Psychologist and Coordinator of Health and Wellness for the Webster Central School District. "People are my passion. I value the opportunity to collaborate with Webster community partners as we nurture the healthy development of our youth."

Photo of Barry Howard
Barry Howard
Board President

President / CEO of the Webster Chamber of Commerce. "Reducing youth substance use makes the employees of tomorrow better equipped for living, working, and leading productive, enriched lives. The Webster Chamber of Commerce is a strong community partner in the efforts of WHEN and I am grateful to the multiple Chamber members who support this work!"

0300007439435419904687032556018 (3) - Linda Dioguardi_edited_edited.jpg
Linda Dioguardi
Programming Chair

Board of Education member and a parent of 2 juniors... one in high school and one in college. "As a parent and community member, I have a passion for helping kids make positive choices as well as empowering parents to help their children succeed."

Photo of Krista Grose
Krista Grose
Assistant Director

WCSD Parent/WCSD Public Relations Coordinator. "I'm privileged to work with Webster friends and neighbors as our coalition shares wellness strategies and life-changing lessons with our young people."

Photo of Carolyn Montanaro
Carolyn Montanaro 

Office Manager at Neubert Financial Services and local parent. "As the parent of two teenagers, I am very interested in collaborating with community partners to help reduce youth substance use."

Stephen L. Gaudioso
Research/Assessment Chair

Retired Xerox RD&E manager, parent of 5 adult children who attended Webster Schools from the 70's - early 2000's. WHEN involvement grew out of church community outreach and desire to assist youth in making good life decisions and to help parents with resources to support their youth.

Photo of Jen DeGrace
Jen Swab DeGrace
Marketing Chair

Former Director of Client Services for a NYC marketing agency, Webster parent, WC PTSA past Co-president, and current Media Management Specialist for WHEN. "Parenting teens is challenging, even under the best circumstances. WHEN:DFCC is a great resource for families."

WHEN Members


Poster for Community Forum
Poster for Community Forum
Local Events

WHEN:DFCC connects Webster residents with reliable resources. For example, we welcomed experts from the Department of Health, Medical Examiner's Office, Monroe County Sheriff's Office, and Webster Police Department at a community forums on the opioid crisis.

Youth Engagement

We create opportunities for young people to use their own voices to advocate for healthy living, such as our #BeVapeFree video contest for students in grades 6-12.

Ad for #BeVapeFree Video Contest
Community Education

WHEN:DFCC designs social media campaigns to educate the public about the dangers that drugs and alcohol present, and to promote upcoming events.

Parent Outreach

In collaboration with our partners, we inform parents and caregivers about issues their kids are facing and present it when and where parents are available, like this video on Teen Vaping that was shown at school Open House events.

Tobacco21 Petition Button

We support policy measures that protect youth from early drug and alcohol exposure, like the Tobacco 21 initiative to raise the minimum age to purchase tobacco and vape products.

Community Training

While our mission is prevention, we recognize the need for effective interventions, too. We have worked with partners to provide free Naloxone training sessions right here in Webster. Naloxone (or Narcan) can help a patient recover from an opioid overdose.

Naloxone Saves Lives.


Some of our many amazing members include:

Kate Aquino
Dustin Bailey
Abby Barone
Jerry Bennett
Chris Bilow
Danielle Boneberg
Michelle Brincka
Craig Bruno
Babette Burgan
Christine Carrigan
Patricia Cataldi
Jennifer Collins
Marc Compitello
Carol Compitello
Sabrina Damelio
Morgan Daniel
Jen DeGrace

Juliana Denning
Robin DeZutter
Linda Dioguardi
Danielle Drake
Vitaline Edwin
Heather Gaczynski
Stephen Gaudioso
Pamela Gierczak
Susan Glastonbury
Bronwen Gluckman
Gina Gringer
Julianne Groff
Krista Grose
Kerry Hart
Jazmin Harvey
Joanne Hayden
George Hebert
Mari Henry
Barry Howard
Craig Johnville
Chelsea Kehrli
Chelsea Keller-Elliott
Courtney King
Chris King
Katie Kovar
Amie Kulak
Ozlem Kus
Erin Land
Jane Laskey
Debbie Lawler
Joe Leunig
Brittany Lewis
Michelle Lowe
Lynne Macaluso
Kerry Malone-Demetroules
Brian Manktelow

Brandon Marconi

Michelle McDonald
Jaimee McKay
Wendy McVeigh
Diana Mee
Ian Mee
Cathleen Messare
Steve Messare
Carolyn Montanaro
Lisa Musial
Syed Ahmed Mustafa
Ginny Nguyen
Casey Ann Oliver
Beth Parry
Griffin Peters
Lynn Peterson
Dorothy Petrie
Emily Pettit
Alexandra Popovici
Courtney Pusateri
Leslie Randall
Jaime Richey
Jason Richey
Joseph Rieger
Maria Rigillo
Sadie Rivera
Brenda Roof
Missy Rosenberry
Michael Ross
Patty Ross
Janine Sanger
Linda Scaletta
Emily Schulz
Jennifer Serventi
Nicca Simonelli
Adrianne Stewart
Nancy Stovall
Shawn Strege
Judi Swanson
Penny Swingly
Vanessa  Synowski
Jessica Taccetta
Lindsay Tomidy
Kaitlyn Vittozzi
Jennivyn Walker
Rachael Warner
Dylan Warren
Jill Weinischke
Martha Willis
Lauren Zimmerman-Meade
Kate Zobkiw
Sharon Zukoski

What We Do


Screen Shot 2021-08-23 at 11.33.46 AM.png
25 Years of Service

WHEN:DFCC was recognized by the Webster Chamber of Commerce for 25 years of service to the Webster Community. Established in 1995, our 25th anniversary was in 2020, but recognized in 2021 due to the pandemic. Image: Diane McClure, Board Chair-Webster Chamber of Commerce (L) presents Janine Sanger (R) with Webster Health & Education Network's Anniversary Award

Town of Webster and Monroe County Proclamations

The Webster Town Board recognized the accomplishments of WHEN:DFCC at the February 20, 2020 Webster Town Board Meeting with both Town and County Proclamations.

Office of National Drug Control Policy seal.
2019 Grant Recipient

WHEN:DFCC was awarded a federal grant by The White House Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) in December of 2019 and will receive $625,000 over the next five years in DFC grant funds to involve and engage our local community to prevent substance use among youth. 

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