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Keep these safety tips in mind when you attend a party:

  1. Your parents want you to have fun and be safe. Call them if plans change or you need help.

  2. Plan ahead for safety – including a back-up plan. Watch out for your friends.

  3. Carry your fully-charged phone and some extra cash. Don’t leave them unattended.

  4. Have two phone numbers you feel comfortable calling if you need help or advice at any time.

  5. Trust your instincts, if you feel endangered or uncomfortable, leave immediately. 

  6. Plan a few things you can say to get out of uncomfortable situations.

  7. Know where you are, where you’re going, and keep your family and friends informed.

  8. Don’t accept drinks from anyone you don’t know. If you leave your drink, discard it and get a new one.

  9. Don’t let friends drive under the influence of alcohol, marijuana, or other drugs. 

  10. Using alcohol or drugs can lead to poor judgment and dangerous situations. Look out for your friends.

  11. Make it a night you can remember – stay sober.

  12. Know the laws: 

    1. It’s illegal to alter your driver’s license or other government ID. 

    2. Anyone in your car with drugs, alcohol or weapons puts you at risk of arrest.

    3. It’s illegal to serve alcohol to a minor.

    4. Drivers under 21 with a BAC of .02% (one drink!) can be arrested and lose their license.

    5. The NYS 911 Good Samaritan Law protects you if you call 911 for someone experiencing alcohol poisoning or drug overdose.

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