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Communications Team

Agenda 11/9/20 12:00

We have a lot of open items on our coalition workplan and just two months left in this calendar year, so we have prioritized a few actionable projects and we'd like your input and help to complete them. 


Upcoming Projects/Assign Roles:

  • Regular monthly newsletter content contributors needed for sections: Upcoming Events, Local Headlines, Education/Prevention Topic, Spotlight (text only)


  • Update Vaping Video (revise with updated stats, current legislation status, etc.)



  • Quarterly Recognition of a local organization promoting protective factors

    • Nominations? (planning on Friends of Webster Trails for this quarter)

    • How best to recognize them?


  • Develop a membership recruitment plan and materials to use for potential sector representatives and specific target audiences:

    • What sectors of our community are underrepresented in WHEN:DFCC?

    • How can we reach them?

    • Are materials needed that we don't have? How much tailoring is needed?

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