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Next, head to where we dispose of old pills
and officers with badges work night and day.
The main entrance there will show your next clue.
Congratulations, you’ve found letter “K”!

Clue 3 (of 13)


Connecting citizens through business is the job that they do,
with education, promotion, and networking too. 
Working together reduces management stress.
Visit chamber headquarters and add the letter “S”.

Clue 1 (of 13)


72 Acres… the next place is huge!
Bridges, boardwalks, and two trails: red and blue.
Head to Phillips for this Preserve, but before you do –
I’ve got not one, but TWO clues for you:
Mark down another “E” and another “A” 
Congratulations, you’re more than half way!

Clue 10 (of 13)


Known for flowers and plants and trails, OH MY!
This botanical garden is unique, no lie!
Visit the lodge (named like a spice) 
and grab the letter “Y”. Oh how nice!

Clue 11 (of 13)


Now head to the place where programs run year round.
Where camps, senior lunches, and athletics are found!
You’re doing great, just one more clue to go!
Before you leave, collect letter “O”.

Clue 12 (of 13)


Last stop! Yes, you’re done!
Wasn’t that a whole lot of fun?
The very last letter, ahhhhhhh phew…
To complete the phrase, add the letter “U”.

Clue 13 (of 13)


Advanced Life Support is what they do best
From Penfield, Ontario to Webster… they rarely rest!
Find headquarters for the quadrant opposite of “SouthWest”.
Oh wait, don’t go yet, silly me!
First you get the letter “C”.

Clue 2 (of 13)


Built in the last 10 years, and best around
for folks with any level of agility
to play some sports or on the new playground.
Now you’ve gained the letter “P”!

Clue 4 (of 13)


You’ve done it, hooray!
Now add the letter “L” to help decode what our message will say.
The next stop is easy, just take a look:
Head to the place where you can borrow a book!

Clue 5 (of 13)


Next go to the Center
where you can take lessons 
and learn how to swim
At this location, you picked up letter "M".

Clue 6 (of 13)


Known for baseball and WAA
Visit this Boulevard park, but don’t delay!
At this location you earned the letter “A”.

Clue 7 (of 13)


Having fun? Here’s the letter “E”!
Head to a park off Maple with a playground, lodge, and trail
to see what hidden clues you might unveil!

Clue 8 (of 13)


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