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SO MANY Upcoming Events - We Need Your Help!

Oct 4, 7:00 PM: Max Stossel's "Social Media and Your Kids" community presentation is planned in partnership with WCSD and Webster PTSA to help parents understand the impact of social media on kids and what they can do about it. Cookies and coffee are available at 6:00 PM and presentation starts at 7:00 PM at the Schroeder HS auditorium. WHEN will have a table at the event, and volunteers are needed, sign up here.

Oct 4, 1-2:30 PM: Operation Parent’s Webinar: “Understanding How to Support a Loved One's Struggle With Food and their Body” Register here and check out their extensive video library on a variety of common parenting challenges.

Oct 7, 7:30-8:30 AM: WCSD Teachers Teach Teachers event - Volunteers are needed for an hour of tabling at this event. See how to run the WHEN table, it's easy and fun! We'll be asking teachers to join WHEN and those that do will be entered in a drawing for a gift card. Wear your WHEN shirt! Jason Teller will be providing naloxone training for teachers as part of this event as well, and participants will receive their naloxone in a WHEN bag.

Oct 16, 1-4 PM: West Webster Fire Department Open House. Volunteers are needed to work the WHEN table, click the Event Opportunities button above to sign up.

Oct 23-31, Red Ribbon Week: Everyone is welcome to use our 100% FREE Red Ribbon Week Kit to plan easy and fun activities perfect for schools, camps, scouts, youth groups and more. All materials are broken out by age group so it's quick and easy to make a positive impact on your community.

Oct 29, 10-2 PM: Fall DEA Drug Take Back Event will be held outside the Holt Rd. Wegmans. Now is a good time to start gathering your unused or expired meds for safe disposal. 

Oct 29: WHEN will have a table at the Webster Fire Department Open House (in the village). Volunteers are needed, please click the Event Opportunities button to sign up.

Nov 5, 10-12 AM: A hike at Kent park to benefit our partner, Friends of Webster Trails, is scheduled, and we've been invited to hand out WHEN information at the end of the hike. Volunteers are needed to hand out chips with our chip clip and offer a Yolickity coupon to those who sign up for our newsletter. Wear your WHEN shirt! Sign up to help here and get a crash course in tabling here.

Nov 9, 12 PM: Trauma 101 Training by Dr. Joseph D. Fantigrossi, Ed.D (he, him, his) Director of Intervention and Professional Development-Finger Lakes Community Schools, Coordinator-Seneca County Community Schools. This training session is a 90-minute introduction to ACEs, their impact on the individual, stress, trauma, and the power and importance of resilience. All coalition members are encouraged to attend. Stay tuned for additional details.

Nov 14, 6 PM: Naloxone training available virtually to all community members. Participants are capped due to limited supply of naloxone. Register here.

Upcoming Events
Webster Headlines
Webster Headlines

We Have a Dire Need for Volunteers!

As you probably noticed above, we have MANY upcoming tabling events for which we need volunteers. In addition, we need your help to review our website, and to deliver Talk, Monitor, Secure posters to several more locations throughout the community. WHEN is only as strong as our volunteers. If each of us helps out with one item on the list, we'll be in great shape. To encourage you to help out, all volunteers each month will be entered into a drawing for a gift card that will take place at the following coalition meeting! So please take a look and sign up for something that works with your schedule. THANK YOU!

Elementary and Middle School Family Game Nights Planned

Our Programming Committee Chair, Linda, has been working with PTSA and WCSD schools to plan family events that will give parents a chance to spend time with their kids and get to know the families their kids are friends with, as well as strengthen their connection to school and community – all protective factors. Watch for updates as these events firm up.

Coalition Conference Attended by WHEN 

Janine, Krista, and Jen attended a conference in Savannah, GA in September to learn new skills and identify areas of opportunity for our coalition. Their notes from the conference are linked from the September coalition meeting minutes.

IMG_0174 2.HEIC
Protective Factor: Prosocial Involvement

Protective Factor: Opportunities for Prosocial Involvement in the Community

In 1985, after the murder of DEA Agent Enrique Camarena that angered parents and youth in communities throughout the U.S., people began wearing red ribbons. The ribbons were a symbol of their commitment to being drug-free, while also raising awareness of the harm alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs can cause. 


“We rise by helping others.” - Robert Ingersoll


Red Ribbon Week, annually observed from October 23-31, serves as a reminder to all of us that there are actions we can take to build a stronger and more connected community. During the official Red Ribbon Week, you can wear a red ribbon that symbolizes your support of community and school efforts aimed at helping children and teens develop protective factors and skills to delay, decrease, and prevent substance use. Throughout the rest of the year, you can support and participate in ongoing community and school activities focused on providing children and teens with healthy outlets. At WHEN, we welcome new members to join us with our drug education and awareness initiatives.


“I believe the world is one big family and we need to help each other.” - Jet Li


You can be the change you wish to see in the world. There are a variety of ways in which you can support and strengthen the Webster community. Webster has a wealth of community organizations seeking support. If you are interested in hearing more and possibly volunteering with WHEN, please email Janine Sanger, our Executive Director, at We would love to hear from you!

Find our FREE Red Ribbon Week Programming Kit here and be sure to share it with others!

Happy Kids with Books
RRW meme breathe.png
RRW meme play.png
Next Meeting: Oct 12
Image by Hannah Busing


This month's spotlight is on YOU! To all our amazing volunteers; whether you have helped out at a tabling event, delivered Talk, Monitor, Secure posters to local businesses, planned an event, led a training session, stuffed WHEN swag bags, sent new members our Welcome Kits, attended training, edited materials, or shared your thoughts a recent meetings, YOU are what makes WHEN a vital part of the community. Please continue your excellent work so we can empower Webster kids to grow up strong and substance free!

Spotlight: Our most valuable asset
Upcoming Meetings

Our next coalition meeting is at noon on October 12, and everyone is welcome. 

Bring your lunch and join in person at NEQALS or join us virtually from home or during your work lunch hour! Read our last meeting minutes.

IN PERSON: 1030 Jackson Rd, Webster, NY 14580 (extra parking next door)

VIRTUAL: Click here to join online



Our November coalition meeting on November 9 will feature Trauma 101 training from 12-1:30 PM. Space is limited, so registration is required. You can register here.

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