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SAMHSA Stipend Recipient

WHEN:DFCC recently received a $750 stipend from Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) to participate in their Communities Talk to Prevent Underage Drinking program and we're currently considering how to implement the program in Webster. If you would like to participate in planning, please email Jen at media@whendfcc.org to be added to the email distribution.

WHEN:DFCC is growing!

Welcome to Robin, Heather, Ozlem, Amber, and Meghann, who recently joined our coalition! We invite all readers to join our efforts to empower Webster kids to grow up strong and substance free.

Naloxone Training

More than 20 Webster community members participated in our May 3rd naloxone training, adding to the growing number of neighbors ready and able to assist an overdose patient.

Social Campaigns for Prom, Ball, & Grad Safety

WHEN:DFCC is currently running social media campaigns that share safety tips with teens (Instagram) and parents (Facebook and Twitter) this prom/ball/graduation season. Follow us @WHENDFCC and share these messages to your followers to help keep Webster teens safe as they celebrate these important milestones. 


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Keeping kids safe during prom and graduation season

The end of the school year – and high school career for some – is upon us, and there are a number of celebrations planned. Help teens have a safe prom and graduation season, making memories that last.

Discuss safety with your child regularly and remind them of your rules before they participate in prom, ball or graduation celebrations in particular. Here are a few suggestions:

Teacher and Blackboard
  • Discuss guidelines and curfew ahead of time, as well as consequences for violating them.

  • Discuss the dangers of driving under the influence of marijuana and alcohol. In New York State, anyone driving with a BAC of .02% (one drink) can be arrested and lose their license.

  • Discuss the dangers of taking any drug not prescribed for them, and the importance of not leaving their drink unattended.

  • Promise to pick them up – any place, any time – without embarrassing them if they want to come home. Agree on a call or a text alert.

  • Urge your teen to NEVER get in a car with a driver who has been drinking or using drugs.

  • Make sure they have a back-up plan, which may include money for a car service. Discuss not sending anyone alone in a car service.

  • Let teens know that the NYS 911 Good Samaritan Law protects them if they call 911 to help someone suffering a suspected overdose or alcohol poisoning. Visit the links to familiarize them with danger signs and symptoms. 

  • Find more tips here.

Thinking of hosting? Remember:


  • If you are hosting a party where alcohol is served, you are a “social host.” If a social host provides alcohol to a minor, he or she can be charged and penalized. In New York, if that minor then injures someone else as a result of intoxication – for example, in a vehicle accident – the injured party may bring a claim against the person who provided the alcohol and the social host may be found liable. [Source: Stolzenberg Cortelli, LLP

  • Don’t Take a Chance! Don’t serve alcohol in any form to individuals under 21.

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Upcoming Meetings

We meet online via Google Meet the second Wednesday of each month at noon. Many of us join during our lunch break. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate. In fact, our goal is to have representation from all walks of life, to better meet the needs of the whole community.


Our next meeting is Wednesday, June 9th at noon. Simply register here to receive the meeting link, or email Janine Sanger, Executive Director for more information.

Online Meeting


WHEN:DFCC would like to thank our growing list of community partners, including several youth sports teams, as well as the following local retailers who are sharing our prom/graduation safety tips: Maiden Nails, Salon DeLees Hair Salon and Spa, 3's Company Beauty Salon, Hegedorns Flower shop, rSalon & Spa, LariJames Salon and Spa, Beyond Cuts Salon, Pretty Nails #1, Kittlebergers Florist and Gifts, Young Nails and Spa, Mane Street Beauty Lounge, and The Webster Chamber of Commerce.


Contact Jen at media@whendfcc.org to add your business or organization to our network of local partners empowering Webster kids to grow up strong and substance free.

  • It may take time for some of us to recover from all we've experienced this past year.  Check out our page of local mental health resources if you or someone you care about could use some support.

  • Even if you can't attend our meetings or volunteer on a committee, you can advance our work in Webster just by following us on social media and sharing our posts to your friends and followers! Click on the social icons in the footer below to follow us. Thank you!