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Upcoming Events

March 20: SAVE THE DATE! WHEN has engaged Laurie Crain to present "Marijuana and Beyond" to WCSD administrators and staff during the day and will host a presentation for the public that evening. Details to come. Please mark your calendars now so you don't miss this special opportunity.

January community project: If you are willing to deliver "Talk, Monitor, Secure" posters to a handful of local businesses, or follow up on posters already delivered, please sign up here or contact Janine for details and to pick up the supplies.

Talk, Monitor, Secure poster
Upcoming Events
Webster Headlines
Webster Headlines
  • ​WHEN has updated our primary For Parents webpage with loads of resources - check it out and please share it with your friends and family who may find it useful. We will be doing additional website content updates in the coming months.


  • Our first Family Game Night at State Road School was a huge success and we are planning to share the program with all the local elementary schools that can accommodate us! Our high school student volunteers made the evening so much fun for both kids and adults. In addition to providing families an opportunity to bond with their kids and network with their school community (and eat candy) we shared some fun facts about WHEN and what we do, and surveyed adults about their attitudes and knowledge of prevention strategies in order to refine our work.

    • By the numbers: 100+ participants, 7 youth volunteers, 18 new newsletter subscribers, 18 survey respondents, and 7 parent focus group volunteers. Thank you to Yolickity for providing a Buy One Get One Free coupon to new newsletter subscribers at Family Game Nights, as well as to Linda for planning these events, and Janine and Dustin for helping out that evening.


  • WHEN is collaborating with Webster Central School District to erect signs on school property that reinforce protective factors. If you are interested in working on this project, please email Jen.


  • When we conducted focus groups in high school health classes, 21 high school students signed up to join/volunteer with WHEN and 11 volunteered to be youth leaders! We are currently seeking adult WHEN members that would be interested in working with these teens to help get the group started and be an advisor to the youth-led program. Joe Seaver, MSgt. and Dustin Bailey have volunteered, and we would welcome one or two more adult advisors. Please contact Janine if you would like to help get this off the ground.


  • Webster Youth Sports Council will be creating signage to post at fields/stadiums to remind spectators about sportsmanship and positivity. The WHEN logo will be included on the new signage. Thank you to our partner, Webster Youth Sports Council, for including us in this effort!

PSA: URMC is now offering Nicotine Dependence Treatment for all ages. In-person appointments, telehealth, and free Commit to Quit group sessions are all available. This is an amazing resource for our community and has the potential to help so many struggling with nicotine addiction. It's particularly beneficial to our youth population who have seen an increase in nicotine dependence, but have had few resources to help them quit.

Protective Factors: Make Lasting Change

Make Lasting Change

Protective Factors: Emotional control, social skills, and recognition of prosocial involvement

Germany Kent said, “Never underestimate the power you have to take your life in a new direction.” With the new year upon us, many will make a resolution or goal in areas of our lives that we want to change or improve. You might want to exercise more, eat healthier, take up painting, or read more books. Perhaps you want to get more involved in your community by volunteering or donating to organizations whose missions you believe in and support. 

“Great things are done with a series of small things brought together.” - Vincent VanGogh


As you work towards these changes, begin with small steps. Research has shown that by making small steps, the likelihood of successfully achieving desired life changes increases. An article in WebMD states, “Our brains are hardwired to resist repeating difficult, complex, or painful events. As a result, a “no pain, no gain” approach actually makes it easier for us to give up on our goals. Instead, relax a little. Make sure to bring playfulness, fun, or at the very least, ease into each little step you take towards your mission.”


Whatever resolution or goal you make for 2023, practice kindness to yourself and to others. As Karen Salmansonn said, “View your life with kindsight. Stop beating yourself up about things from your past. Instead of slapping your forehead and asking, ‘What was I thinking?’, breathe and ask the kinder question, ‘What was I learning?’”  


WHEN wishes all of you a happy and healthy 2023. Thank you so much for being valued partners in our mission of involving and engaging our community to empower Webster kids to grow up strong and substance free.


We'd like to thank the Webster student volunteers who made our first Family Game Night such a success: Leah R., Dan D., Kate S., Zain K., Jason L., Zac T., and Ella B.

Their energy, enthusiasm and sense of fun was absolutely infectious! We could not have done it without them, and we can't wait to work with them again at future events.

Spotlight: Student Volunteers
Next Meeting: Jan 11
Upcoming Meetings

We meet in person AND online via Google Meet the second Wednesday of each month at noon.

Everyone is invited to join our monthly meeting at noon on Wed, Jan 11th. You can meet our members and get an update on our work, all while eating lunch at home or work!


See December Coalition Meeting Minutes

Register here to receive details for both in person and online options.

Join in person at NEQALS: 1030 Jackson Rd, Webster, NY 14580 (extra parking next door)


Happy New Year! We wish everyone health and happiness in 2023. If the holiday season has left you a little tired and overwhelmed, please check out our top 10 stress-busters here. 


Looking to up your parenting game in 2023? Check out Operation Parent’s extensive library of videos and webinars on topics ranging from managing screen time, to anxiety, eating disorders, vaping, gaming, trauma and so many more topics parents may need support to address. 

And remember, you are not alone! No family can manage everything on their own, so be sure to reach out to your pediatrician and local resources for substance use and mental health when you need to. Our website shares tons of parent resources, please check it out!

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