Modern Neighborhood

2021 Community Assessment

WHEN:DFCC conducted a survey of the adult Webster community and a series of Focus Groups with Webster students to better understand the perceptions, attitudes and experiences of these groups with respect to the use/abuse of alcohol, tobacco, vaping products, and prescription drugs by youth under the age of 21. There were 276 adult responses to the survey and the youth Focus groups included over 250 youth. The findings summarized below will be used to inform the WHEN:DFCC effort to educate the community and promote healthy life choices by its youth.


Student Feedback

While the responses were more varied, ranging from under 20% to more than 60%, students reported a substantial percentage above 30% for alcohol and vaping product use by youth.


How common is substance use/abuse among youth under the age of 21?

Adult Response

83% believe that alcohol and e-cig/vaping product use is widespread or fairly common, and 76% believe marijuana use is widespread or fairly common among youth. 57% believe tobacco use and 47% believe that non-proscribed drug use is fairly common or widespread.


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How easy is it for youth under 21 to access these substances in Webster?

Adult Response

85% of adults believe it is very easy or somewhat easy for youth under 21 to obtain vaping products. Similarly, 78% believe that access to alcohol and tobacco is very/somewhat easy, while 71% believe this for marijuana and 53% believe this for prescription drugs.


According to most students, access to alcohol and vaping products is very easy, while some suggested that access to marijuana is also easy.

Student Feedback


We can delete this section if you prefer not to make any conclusions.