You may be surprised to learn that the biggest factor influencing the likelihood of your child using alcohol in their pre-teen and teen years is actually your attitude about underage drinking!

Some common parental strategies are unfortunately myths that do more harm than good. Please consider the facts below and develop informed strategies that work for your family and keep kids safe.

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Drinking is a right of passage.

Actually, only about half of high school seniors have tried alcohol.

It's safer if teens have some drinking experience before college.

In fact, the older a person is when first using alcohol, the less likely they are to develop an alcohol use disorder, experience alcohol-related unplanned pregnancy, violence, and crime.

It's safer if I let them use alcohol at home.

Kids who say their parents are "strongly against" them using alcohol are far less likely to drink. There is no safe alcohol use for kids while their brains are still developing. Teens are prone to both risk-taking behavior and impulsivity, which too often makes for a deadly combination with alcohol.


How alcohol affects the teenage body & brain.

How to talk to kids about drinking. 

The risks of hosting.

How to tell if your child is drinking.

When to seek help.

Local resources.

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