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Upcoming Webcasts

Effective prevention requires addressing risk factors and building protective factors before substance use or other negative coping strategies develop. Operation Parent’s January line-up of webcasts does just that. Please check out their offerings including topics like: 

Jan 6: Reducing Anxiety & Depression in Children 
Jan 20: Keeping it Positive: Body Image & Self Esteem
Jan 26: Helping Your Teen Overcome Anxiety & Depression 

Please register here even if you can’t attend at the specified time, because everyone who registers will receive a link to view it at their convenience after the broadcast.

As NYS once again considers marijuana legalization, tune in to these webcasts by TIOGA County ASAP Coalition on Jan 20 and 27, for information about legalization and its impact. You can also check out this brief update on changes in drug laws across the US in the wake of the November election.

Webster Headlines
  • WHEN:DFCC is successfully graduating from the CADCA National Coalition Academy and was awarded a scholarship to participate in the National Leadership Forum. The National Coalition Academy (NCA) is a comprehensive training program that teaches leaders the core competencies and essential processes to establish or maintain a highly effective anti-drug coalition. By the end of the year-long training, in order to graduate, coalitions develop five essential products (1) a community assessment, (2) a logic model, (3) a strategic & action plan, (4) an evaluation plan and (5) a sustainability plan. The coalition would like to thank Janine Sanger, Executive Director and Krista Grose, Assistant Director for attending and bringing this expertise to our team. 

  • Congratulations also to our neighboring coalition, D-FI Drug-Free Irondequoit: Together Inc. for receiving DFC grant funding! D-FI has been supportive of WHEN and we are excited to continue strengthening our neighboring communities.

Those who vape are five to seven times more likely to be infected by COVID-19.

According to the 2019 Youth Risk Behavior Survey, 37% of Webster high school students (above the national average, per CDC.gov) reported having used e-cig or vape products. As the country comes to grips with behaviors that may raise or lower risks of contracting COVID-19, we are learning that those who vape have a substantially increased risk of COVID-19 over peers who do not vape (sources: Stanford and URMC). 


Additionally, they may be more likely to spread the virus and at a higher risk of complications if they contract the disease (source: National Institute on Drug Abuse). Vaping itself can lead to inflammation and significant lung disease, as well as to a malfunction of the immune system in the lungs. "[We] expect that those who vape or smoke may be more susceptible to pulmonary complications following a COVID-19 infection." (source: Health Matters)

Youth e-cigarette use remains at epidemic levels, despite a significant increase from 39% in 2019 to 49% in 2020 in "perceived risk of nicotine vaping" among young people.

(source: Truth Initiative)

What can you do?

Upcoming Meetings

Join us online using Google Meet on Wednesday, January 13 from 12-1pm! Find out what we're planning for 2021. See details and registration.


We also invite you to check out our current project volunteer needs and sign up to help if something looks like a good fit for you. Or you can always email us with your interests and we'll match you up with a project you'll feel passionate about. Email: info@whendfcc.org

Virtual Team Meeting

Happy New Year! We wish everyone health and happiness in 2021. If the holiday season has left you a little tired and overwhelmed, please check out our top 10 stress-busters below!

#1 Get Enough Sleep

Try one of these methods to fall asleep fast...

#2 Go Outside

Reduce stress & improve mood on local trails...

Holiday SB 3 breathe (1)

Try an easy breath exercise...

Holiday SB 4 active (1)

See our favorite stress-relieving exercises..

Holiday SB 5 eat

Learn how food can affect your mood...

Holiday SB 6 toxic

How to prioritize positive relationships...

Holiday SB 7 help

Overcome common obstacles to getting help...

Holiday SB 8 share thoughts

Here's how to start journaling...

Holiday SB 9 thankful

Read how & why to cultivate gratitude...

Holiday SB 10 create

Get creative... for your health!

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