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Upcoming Events 

8/1-19: Webster Parks and Recreation campers will get a special WHEN package with sidewalk chalk and a handout with a link to this webpage hosting game ideas, a recommended trail hike, and book suggestions to bolster kids’ ability to make healthy choices. Everyone is invited to the library to check out the book display and pick up some FREE sidewalk chalk along with our flyer!

Summer (Date TBD) We haven't had anyone volunteer to help put together a Family Trail Hike in partnership with Friends of Webster Trails this summer. It would be a great opportunity for all of us to get out and see each other in person, if someone would like to pitch in, this should be an easy lift! Sign up here to help.

Upcoming Events
Webster Headlines
Webster Headlines

Positivity for Campers

Last month, we sent every camper at Webster Parks and Recreation summer camps home with a “Planting Positivity” kit so they can grow their own plant at home. Learn more about our Planting Positivity program and how it strengthens protective factors.



Family Game Night
Webster BID’s 7/29 Family Game Night was a blast in the village on 7/29! Thanks to all who stopped by our table for a little "Positivity”, as well as to Krista and Joe for volunteering that evening. We can't have a presence in the community without you! If you're wondering what it's like to volunteer at an event, check out this 1-minute tutorial!



Our Hybrid July Meeting
We had a great turnout for our first ever hybrid meeting (in-person AND online) on July 13! While we will continue to improve the A/V for our virtual participants, it was fantastic to see so many members in person! If you missed it, catch up on all the latest by reading last month’s meeting minutes. Please note: this month's meeting date has been changed to 8/17 and will be both in person at NEQALS and online.


Talk, Monitor, Secure Update

Thanks to the many WHEN members who have taken our "Talk, Monitor, Secure" posters to local health care practitioners. There are still many practices that have not been reached. Click below for details.




The goals of this effort include:

  • Introduce WHEN

  • Display of our posters

  • Establishing a collaborative relationship

Screen Shot 2022-07-04 at 9.18.06 PM.png
Prevention Tip: Community Belonging

Prevention Tip: Community Belonging is Protective

Oxford Dictionary defines community as “a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common.” Being part of a community helps to foster a multitude of mental and physical benefits for the individual members of the community, including helping to protect adolescents from underage drug use. According to an article by Well Being People, “Having a sense of community embraces spirit, character, image, and pride and is a vital element of a healthy community.”


Helen Keller said, “Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much.”


A sense of belonging is vital to our humanness. “Social connection can lower anxiety and depression, help us regulate our emotions, lead to higher self-esteem and empathy, and actually improve our immune systems”, according to CMHA National. Nurturing a connected community helps to facilitate relationships, provide healthy activities for community members to participate in, and fosters a sense of belonging for members within the community. 


“The future of every community lies in capturing the passion, imagination, and resources of its people.” - Ernesto Sirolli


In the community of Webster there are a variety of activities in which members can volunteer and participate. Youth groups, volunteer projects, camps, sports, and activities are available to help grow a network of supportive relationships among community members. Stop by the WHEN table at upcoming community events! Perhaps you will meet a new friend or run into an old one, helping to strengthen this incredible community, one personal connection at a time.

Team Cheering
Laughing Kids
Chess Tournament
Next Meeting: August 17 - In Person and Online


We'd like to thank the Webster Public Library for their partnership on several community projects, including our summer "Healthy Choices, Healthy Kids" program. They have pulled together a fantastic display of recommended titles that support making healthy choices. You can "check it out" August 1-19 and pick up some FREE sidewalk chalk compliments of WHEN while you're there!


The library has also crafted great book lists for our Red Ribbon Week Kit and it was a popular stop on our Clovers and Clues scavenger hunt! We are grateful for their partnership and look forward to collaborating on future projects.

Spotlight: Webster Public Library
Upcoming Meetings

We typically meet the second Wednesday of each month at noon. *Note change for August! Many of us join during our lunch break. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate. In fact, our goal is to have representation from all walks of life, to better meet the needs of the whole community.


Our next meeting is Wednesday, August 17 at noon, BOTH in person and online. Many thanks to NEQALS for use of their meeting room!


​View last month's meeting minutes here.


Summer is way too short! Consider listing just three little things you’d like to do with the people most important to you, and try to squeeze them in. Maybe it’s a family hike on one of Webster’s beautiful trails. Or check out a couple of great books at the library and read them at a local park. Maybe get the hose or sprinkler out on a hot day, make homemade popsicles, or have a picnic lunch. The best memories are often just little moments when we opened up our eyes and hearts to the people and places around us. Make a little time for that if you can.

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