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Upcoming Events

TONIGHT! 7/31 7:00 PM - Member Appreciation Trail Walk

WHEN members: let’s enjoy some fresh air and reconnect! Bring your favorite people along and join us for an evening trail walk in the Whiting Road Nature Preserve. The 2 mile course has some rolling hills, but is not strenuous and appropriate for kids and adults alike. Bring along some water and consider bug spray. Meet us after the walk to pick up a snack to bring home. Register here so we can get a headcount and let you know if we have to move the event to our rain date of 8/1.

Starting August 1 - visit the Webster library and check out the “Healthy Choices, Healthy Kids” display where you can find recommended reading to bolster kids’ ability to make healthy choices, along with WHEN’s free sidewalk chalk (while supplies last) and a handout with game ideas, and a recommended trail hike.

8/9 12:00 PM - WHEN Coalition Meeting 

Everyone is welcome to join us in person or online. See details/register. Catch up by reading July meeting minutes.

Upcoming Events
Webster Headlines
Webster Headlines

Happy August birthdays to WHEN members: Dave H, Lynne M, Judi S and Jill W!

We recently had elevator speech cards printed to include in New Member Kits. If you haven’t reviewed our elevator speech in a while, click on the image above to check it out! It’s a great way to explain our work in under 30 seconds to community members who aren’t familiar with WHEN.

We continue to work on sharing protective factors throughout the community with the following initiatives: 

  • We hope to break ground with protective factor signs before the end of the summer

  • We're brainstorming how to share protective factors with stickers on pizza boxes on August 7 (email Jen for info)

  • Once again, WHEN has collaborated with the library on a protective factor book display, summer activity sheet, and free sidewalk chalk, available early August while supplies last.

PSA: URMC is offering Nicotine Dependence Treatment for all ages. In-person appointments, telehealth, and free Commit to Quit group sessions are all available. This is an amazing resource for our community and has the potential to help so many struggling with nicotine addiction. It's particularly beneficial to our youth population who have seen an increase in nicotine dependence, but have had few resources to help them quit.

Protective Factors: Navigating Transitions

Navigating Transitions

Protective Factors: Attachment and bonding to family, Opportunities for prosocial involvement in the family, Recognition of prosocial involvement, Emotional control, Social skills

By WHEN member, Judi Swanson, LCSW~R

Thomas Fuller said, “All things are difficult before they are easy.” As our children begin to transition from summer back into fall, changes are coming. Some will be going to school for the first time, others are changing grades or changing schools, while others are heading off to college, the military, or the workforce. All of these new beginnings bring uncertainty and stress combined with a variety of emotions and feelings. As parents, guardians, and caring adults we want to help guide and prepare our children for these changes coming their way.

“We can do hard things.” - Glennon Doyle  

School Kids_edited.jpg

Even when a transition for a child is positive, there are still emotional and mental health challenges for our children to work through. Leaving what is familiar and transitioning to something completely new, from beginning school for the first time to going off to college, is filled with anticipation, anxiety, excitement, and even sadness. Helping guide our children through these transitions can be filled with challenges. Communication with our children can set the tone. In an article in clinical psychiatrist Dr. Robin Aupperle says, “As with every aspect of parenting, communication is key. Have conversations that balance both the positive expectations of what’s going to happen, the excitement and the good things, with talking about some of the stressful things that might happen. Ask what some of their concerns or worries are so there’s a more holistic view and conversation about it. Recognize that you can be both excited and worried about something at the same time.”

“Believe in yourself, and the rest will fall into place. Have faith in your own abilities, work hard, and there is nothing you cannot accomplish.” - Brad Henry

Actions such as going with your child to explore the new school environment, listening and problem solving with your child to determine what steps they can take during this change will help them feel more confident, and comfortable, with whatever comes their way. Your unconditional love combined with the unwavering belief in your child as a resilient, capable  human being, whether they are heading off to kindergarten, going into eighth grade, or heading off to college will help them believe in themselves. 

Spotlight: Missy


This month we’d like to shine a light on one of our very active members, Missy Rosenberry. Not only does she often volunteer to help out, both at events and behind the scenes, but she also attends meetings where she has great ideas to contribute. In addition, she shares WHEN information with the community through her blog. Thank you for all you do, Missy. We appreciate your time, energy, and talent!

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Next Meeting: 8/9 at noon
Upcoming Meetings

We meet in person AND online via Google Meet the second Wednesday of each month at noon. Everyone is welcome - we seek input from all sectors of the Webster community.

Register for the August 9 Coalition Meeting.

Read the July Coalition Meeting Minutes.


We hope to push forward an idea that WHEN has been percolating on for over a year - stickers on pizza boxes promoting protective factors. If you are interested in working on this project, please email Jen and we’ll add you to the project team and keep you in the loop. We are currently scheduling a brainstorming session to kick things off so the more creativity and varied perspectives, the better!

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